Maritime Aquarium Seal Predicts Super Bowl LI Winner (DON’T Bet the Rent Money on It)

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Orange the harbor seal at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk has made her pick for Super Bowl 51 and it is …


— an announcement from the Maritime Aquarium


… the New England Patriots.

The 34-year-old seal knows how to hold her nose against the hand of her Aquarium trainers, and also against a “target pole,” the exhibit window and other objects.

Maritime Aquarium seal picks Superbowl 02-04017

Photo from the Maritime Aquarium

The aquarium’s harbor seals have been picking the wrong winner since these children were in diapers. But, what the heck, bet the rent money on it. You can always sleep under a bridge.


On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the Aquarium seal exhibit was lined with images of the Patriots’ and Atlanta Falcons’ helmets. When instructed to go to the exhibit window, Orange decisively swam to — and held her nose against — a Patriots’ helmet, indicating her pick.

If it’s any consolation for Atlanta fans, the Aquarium’s seals have proven to be pathetic pinniped pigskin prognosticators: they’re 0 for 5 in previous attempts to pick the Super Bowl winner.

Orange is one of six harbor seals at The Maritime Aquarium. Their public feedings are offered at 11:45 a.m. and 1:45 and 3:45 p.m. daily. Wednesday’s Super Bowl selection was actually a fun variation on a daily animal-husbandry demonstration.

For more details about animals, exhibits, programs and IMAX movies at the popular Connecticut family attraction, go to the Maritime Aquarium website, then go to the Maritime Aquarium.

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