Man, 30, Reports Assault by a Pedestrian on Rings End Road

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A man told police that when he was driving on Rings End Road, a male pedestrian yelled expletives at him, and when he stopped and confronted the pedestrian, the man head-butted him.

Darien police gave this description of what happened, based on the driver’s complaint:

At about 5:47 p.m. on Good Friday, April 14, the Stamford man was driving on the road and saw the male walking on it with a small child riding a bicycle on his side of the road. The driver went over the double yellow line into the oncoming lane to add to the safety of the the pedestrian and child.

When he passed by, the pedestrian yelled expletives to the driver, who stopped and left his vehicle. The pedestrian was described as a white male, five feet, 10 inches in height, with brown hair and wearing a blue shirt. That vague description did not give an estimated age or even indicate whether the male is an adult or teenager.

The two got into a verbal confrontation that got physical, and the pedestrian not only head-butted the driver but pushed him several times. The complainant had no visible injuries when he talked to police.

Police, who appear to have been called shortly after the incident, immediately checked the area, but didn’t find the pedestrian or the child on the bicycle.

Later, police tried numerous times to contact the complainant again, but were unsuccessful. Finally, on April 24, he told police he didn’t want to pursue the matter any further, and police suspended their investigation.

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