Letters: Support Terrie Wood

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To the editor:

I am writing in support of Terrie Wood’s candidacy to continue as state representative for Darien and Norwalk. I have known Terrie for 15 years and highly respect her work ethic and fair approach to politics. Her fortitude in Hartford and refreshingly positive attitude in this negative political arena is to be praised.

Terrie is a class act and strong leader for our district. With her experience I believe she will help grow our economy, make Connecticut more attractive to business and revitalize our cities.

I’m so proud of the recent legislation Terrie has introduced and passed — specifically HB 7254, requiring special education teachers to complete a program of study to better help students with dyslexia and HB 5210, an act mandating and expanding insurance coverage and benefits for women, children and adolescents.

Terrie is smart, fiscally responsible and an uncommonly just leader that we must support on Nov. 6.

Ciara Thurlow
Tanglewood Trail, Darien


To the editor:

Undoubtedly, we live in divided times today, with alignment to our President being used as a weapon for or against. Despite the national chaos, we need strong local representatives to support our interests, and Terrie Wood is that person for Darien and Norwalk.

I’ve known Terrie for many years. She is a wonderful person with the qualities we wish all our elected officials possessed: common sense and reason, a willingness to listen to dissenting opinions, and a firm belief in putting the needs of our towns first. She supports issues according to her own beliefs and values, not party lines. That personal conviction is very admirable.

Terrie has confronted difficult issues: mental health and gun violence, special education, the sad state of our state’s finances, and the environment, amongst many others. We need her to continue the struggle. Please show your support for Terrie this November.

Chris LaJaunie
Old Kings Hwy North, Darien

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