Letter: Thanks, Darien, for Supporting ‘Cabaret’ with Nine Sold-Out Performances

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To the editor:

Thank you, Darien, for coming out in droves to enjoy the Darien Arts Center production of Cabaret. Because of your support we had nine sold-out performances of this show in a setting that gave the community a high-quality theatre experience.

Cabaret DAC Stage

Picture from Darien Arts Center

Cabaret cast members Kelly Naden, Hilary Webster, Julie Thaxter-Gourlay, Claire Kenny, Grace Simmons and Sarah Sherwood.


It took countless volunteers — including the all-female cast of incredible performers — to make the magic on stage. We collaborated with the Lipstick Project, to produce this show that is so relevant to our current events.

Thank you to all who gave their time and talent meeting the needs of the Darien community for this important artistic expression.


Dana Fead

Darien Arts Center board secretary

Cabaret Darien Arts Center

Photo from Darien Arts Center

Rehearsing songs for Cabaret on the DAC Stage

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