Did a Leaf Blower Bandit in a White Van Strike Again? A Second Landscaper Victimized

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A week after police were told a man in a white van suspiciously appeared near a pickup truck where a $600 leaf blower was quickly stolen, a similar theft of a leaf blower was perpetrated in town, and a white van was again seen nearby.

Darien police gave this account of the second backpack leaf blower larceny:

A work truck was parked behind the stores at the corner of the Post Road and Noroton Avenue (at about 1981 Post Road) between 8 a.m., when a $650 RedMax Model 8500 backpack leaf blower was in it and 8:30 a.m. — when it was suddenly missing.

Shortly after the theft was noticed, a male driving a white, unmarked van was seen leaving the scene. No surveillance video was available at the spot where the leaf blower was taken. Police are investigating the incident.

Police noted that a similar theft involving the presence of a white van took place on May 2, a week before, at 590 Post Road (on the other side of town). In that case, the van was seen parked near a pickup truck during a 15 minute morning period in which a pickup truck was looted, with a $600 Red Max backpack leaf blower taken.



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