Identity Theft: Darien Man Reports Store Card Account Fraudulently Opened, $2,957 in Purchases Made in His Name

Town Seal Patrol Car

The town seal is part of Darien Police Department's shield-like logo (coat of arms?). Here's a widely seen version from the side of a typical patrol car. Note the central gable (the pointy part in the middle) is not quite missing from the building, but it's got the same color as the roof.

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A Brookside Road man told police that someone opened a William Sonoma credit card using his name and charged $2,957 at a store in White Plains, New York, and he’d found fraudulent purchases on another credit card.

Darien police provided these further details from what the man told them:

On March 11, the man told police he believed someone had used his personal information to get the William Sonoma credit card.

He had received notification that the card had been opened and the money charged to it on Feb. 24 at the William Sonoma store.

He also showed police a letter from Nordstrom telling him that an application he never made for a credit card with that chain of stores had been denied.

The man looked through his other credit card accounts for fraudulent charges and found two at Ulta Beauty stores.

Complainant stated he believed someone had used his personal information to open a credit card. He informed officers that he had received notification that a William Sonoma credit card had been opened in his name.

One was on Feb. 22 for $111.16, another on March 8 for $85.

He told police he still has that credit card and that as far as he knew it had never been missing.

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