Home Burglar Alarm Activates, Police Arrive, Live Video Surveils — But Burglars Escape



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Four burglars climbed into a second-floor window of a home on a private road early Friday evening, activating an alarm that alerted police, who arrived at the scene — too late.

Here’s what police said happened:

Police received a communication about a burglar alarm at a home on Horseshoe Road, a private road at the north end of town. The time police gave for the incident was 6:27 p.m.

As police arrived at the scene (they didn’t say when), the homeowners, on vacation since Oct. 16, told police they had seen video from a remote camera feed showing four individuals climbing up to a second-floor window and entering the house.

Police at the scene found out a little later was that the homeowners had also seen the four burglars leave through the same window.

Police surrounded the house, spotted the window and entered the home. A search didn’t turn up any burglars, and a police dog was used to try to track the burglars — but that wasn’t successful.

Police also couldn’t know whether anything had been taken, since the residents weren’t there.

Officers saw that a patio table was pushed up next to the house, allowing access to the second-floor window.

Police detectives went to the scene to process it for evidence.

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