Fraudulent Bank Account Opened, Used to Steal More Than $10,000 From Darien Victim

Darien Police Department Side Van


Side of a Darien Police Department van

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A Darien man who checked his bank account online on Saturday, Oct. 12 found charges and transfers that he didn’t make.

In 16 fraudulent transactions, $10,492.52 was removed from his account into a new account and a credit card, both opened in his name at the same bank.

The man contacted his bank and was told two debit cards, a credit card had been issued and a bank account had been opened in his name.

The fraudulent activity continued after the man had spoken with the bank. On Tuesday, Oct. 15, he reported the matter to Darien police.

Police, in their announcement, said the victim was “working with his bank for restitution.” They did not identify the bank that allowed the other account to be opened. Banks often want victims to file formal complaints with police before providing restitution.

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