Five Mile River Rd Home Sold to Stefanonis for $2 Million-Plus & Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

10 Five Mile River Road Stefanoni 03-30-17

10 Five Mile River Road, Darien


10 Five Mile River Road — Gabriel Hines and Jennifer Hines to Attorney Samuel Bush, trustee with law offices at 1700 Bedford St., Stamford, on March 22, filed March 24; transferred to Christopher Stefanoni and Margaret Stefanoni on March 24 and filed the same day, $2,215,000

22 Dubois St. — Stephen Winsch and Ann Marie Winsch to Ryan Sinclair and Alexandra Sinclair, sold March 21, filed March 24, $1,330,000

480 Middlesex Road — Robert Lavin and Katherine Lavin to 480 Middlesex Road LLC of that address, sold March 21, filed March 28, $2,995,000

40 Sedgwick Village Lane — Charles Townsend and Jill Townsend to Patricia Coleman, sold March 21, filed March 28, $767,000

2 Sedgwick Village Lane — Patricia Coleman to J&C Townsend Holdings LLC of Vero Beach, Fl., sold March 23, filed March 28, $540,000

5 Holmes Court — Robert Burgess and Jennifer Burgess to Thomas Price and Kathleen Price, sold March 24, filed March 29, $1,100,000

25 Raymond St. — Stefan Silverman and Alexis Mead to Joshua Hall and Yamila Hall, sold March 28, filed March 29, $927,000


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