Highway Under Exit 9 Bridge No Longer Closed: I-95 Flows Unimpeded East and West

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The span over the northbound-traffic lanes of Interstate 95 is now in place, as of this morning, and traffic in both directions now flows under the bridge unimpeded, three lanes northbound, four lanes southbound.

Next weekend, they install the span over the southbound-traffic side of the bridge.

Connecticut Department of Transportation officials had said they might finish each weekend’s span replacement earlier than 5 a.m. Monday, when commuters would start driving under the bridge, and a couple of posts on a ConnDOT traffic website said the work might be done at noon on Sunday, but the highway was opened earlier than that.

Here’s a look at the bridge from the ConnDOT traffic cam, looking southwest, with the southbound lanes on the right:

Image from ConnDOT traffic camera

Traffic flowing in both directions under the Exit 9 bridge. Image from a ConnDOT camera at about 11:30 a.m.


Compare with this image from the same camera, pointed in the same direction, about 24 hours earlier:

Traffic cam bridge at Exit 9

ConnDOT traffic cam at Exit 9

This image, from a ConnDOT traffic cam pointed southwest at the bridge, showing the left side nearly demolished.

From one of the two streaming video feeds on the i95Exit9.com website:

Live video stream on the i95Exit9.com website

This view, looking southwest, away from the bridge shows traffic flowing in all lanes on each side of the highway.

Image from i95Exit9.com website

This livestream view of the site shows no traffic on the temporary detour roadway and (barely shows) vehicles in the background (at left) moving in both directions.

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