Events Monday at Darien High School Encouraged Students, Parents to Prepare for Life After School

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A series of events were held Monday at Darien High School to help students prepare and plan for their careers and figure out what they want to do with their lives.

The events included an assembly for students, then small group meetings with adults to talk about how the adults found their ways into careers, and in the evening a presentation for parents to help their sons and daughters.

— an announcement from Darien High School

Vince Benevento, founder and director of Causeway Collaborative, addressed Darien High School juniors and seniors classes in the assembly, titled “Purpose and Passion: Finding Your Pathway.”

Causeway Collaborative is a Westport-based organization founded to counsel young men, particularly in career development and with and therapeutic mentorship, according to the organization’s website.

Benevento encouraged students to take actions to find their interests and strengths that would lead toward their career path.

He spoke to the importance of surrounding themselves with positive influences, learning to grow through setbacks, and anchoring themselves to a meaningful purpose.

Students also met in small groups with two guest speakers, spanning a variety of industries — finance and business, engineering, counseling services, law, community engagement and nonprofits, restaurant industry, medical practices, and first responders — to hear how they figured out what they wanted to do with their lives.

“Purpose and Passion” Events

Photo from Darien High School

Darien High School welcomes local professionals to participate in educational forum with upperclassmen. Pictured from left: (back row) Maureen Perry, Ty Bongiovanni, Brian McManus, Susan Hayes, Liam Bowers, Stacey Babson-Smith, Kate Dimoulas, Derio Rivera, Vince Benevento, Anna Rogers, Taryn Seto, Mike Paoletti, Lucy French, Amanda Telesco, Esq., Christine Landis, Esq., (front row) Thea Ross, Gloria Tenofsky, Phyllis Weihs, Joyce Sixsmith, Dan Sixsmith, Sara Furino, DMD. Not pictured: Sargeant Andrews, Chris Skelton, Steve Coppock, and Leslie Bradshaw

Each shared how they navigated their post-secondary transition, managed challenges, and found what they love to do.

They shared that success is not getting into a specific college or achieving a specific career outcome; success comes from living a life of purpose.

Benevento returned to DHS Monday evening to present “Defining Success: Supporting a Healthy Approach to Launching Our Teens,” discussing how parents can help their young adults define personal success and support their exploration of future pathways, while empowering students with the independence and skills to navigate the post-secondary transition.

The DHS community is grateful for the participation of all speakers who volunteered their time to be part of this meaningful day.

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