Ehlers, Candidate for State Senate, Qualifies for Public Financing

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In his quest to represent Darien and Norwalk in the State Senate and to help Connecticut regain jobs and a prosperous future, Greg Ehlers has qualified for public financing under the Citizens’ Election Program (C.E.P.) in his race for the Senate District 25 seat, according to a notification this week from the C.E.P..

Greg Ehlers THUMBNAIL 5-13-16

Greg Ehlers / Greg Ehlers

Greg Ehlers, GOP candidate for the 25th state Senate district


— an announcement from Greg Ehlers’ campaign


Ehlers, managing partner of a successful financial services company based in Darien, responded to the notification by thanking “the hundreds of citizens across Darien and Norwalk whose strong support made this possible.”

“Like me,” he continued, “they are deeply concerned about Connecticut’s steep economic decline under the badly mistaken policies of Gov. Dannel Malloy and his local helper with those policies, Bob Duff. This November, we can start turning things around.”

The Citizens’ Election Program was designed to encourage citizen participation in governance by limiting the role of private money in Connecticut’s political process. Participating candidates agree to abide by certain guidelines, including contribution and expenditure limits, as well as disclosure requirements.

“Under Bob Duff and Governor Malloy’s leadership, we have experienced two of the largest tax increases in Connecticut’s history, and Duff was silent when Malloy proposed budget cuts to Darien’s public school system, effectively another tax hike on Darien’s residents and neighboring communities,” said Brent Hayes, chairman of the Darien Republican Town Committee.

“I encourage Darien and Norwalk residents to educate themselves on Duff’s track record and not be distracted by the Presidential race. Without new leadership in Hartford, we will be left with a Senator who continues to support all of Malloy’s proposals, including a 5 percent fare hike on Metro-North, a deteriorating economy with businesses and residents moving out of the state, layoffs and other failed fiscal policies.”

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