Police: Driver of Snow Plow Damages Guard Rail Behind Darien Fire Dept, Seems to Threaten Car

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A snow plow operator who dangled the plow on chains above a Darien woman’s car, parked in a lot at Darien Fire Department’s fire house, said he was just doing it as a joke with someone he knows, according to police.

The woman, 29, saw what he’d done and appears not to have appreciated the humor: She spoke with police, who then charged Gregory Twardy, 50, of Norwalk with breach of peace.

Darien police described what happened with this account, including accusations not proven in court:

Twardy had plowed the snow behind the firehouse earlier in the day, then returned and beeped his horn. Looking through a window in the building, the woman saw Twardy dropping his truck’s plow on a wood guardrail, destroying it. The guardrail had been used by members of the volunteer department as a bench.

Then he drove across the lot and dangled the plow by its chains over the woman’s car. She went outside to confront him. He responded to her in part by saying, “I thought that would get your attention.”

Twardy left the scene. The car wasn’t damaged.

At some point later on, police were called by members of the department who wanted to report the incident. Several members of the department provided police with written descriptions of what they saw. They didn’t want to press charges about the guard rail.

Police then went to Twardy’s home on West Norwalk Road. He said the woman had contacted him with a request to plow the snow. He said he didn’t realize that he had damaged any property and said he had raised the plow over the womans’ car as a joke.

Twardy was issued a misdemeanor summons and was told to appear Jan. 16 in state Superior Court in Stamford.


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