Depot Youth Center Moves Online With These Webinars and Programs

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The Depot Youth Center is using the internet to connect with youth and parents, with three webinars coming up and various Depot groups now online, the organization announced.

Programs for Youth

“Teen programs and clubs have been moved to an online platform, including Jesse Lewis Choose Love, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), GNO (Girls Night Out), The Garden Club, the Volunteer Club, Student Governing Board, Respect Works and more,” according to an announcement received Monday.

“The hope is for the kids to better manage this crisis together and continue to have a forum in which to connect with one another to alleviate the natural rise of anxiety and depression that social isolation can bring,” the announcement said. Email links have been sent to Depot members.

Webinars for Parents

From the announcement:

The Depot will remain a source of support for the parent community as well — we are focusing to provide webinars and online support on subjects that are top of mind right now. In the next weeks, The Depot is co-hosting:

—“Academics and College Planning in Today’s New Environment”, a live, online presentation by Lynn Carnegie to help families navigate the changing world of academics and college admissions amid school closures and standardized test cancellations. April 1, 7 p.m.

—S4 Study Skills will host an online seminar, “Eight Ways to Keep Your Student Focused, on Track and on Task in the New eLearning Environment.”  Wednesday, April 8, at 7 p.m. In a 30-minute highly dynamic, action-specific, and interactive seminar, parents are invited to learn best-practice, tools and strategies to support their student with at-home learning.

—Co-hosted with the DHSPA [Darien High School Parents Association], “The Rise in Isolation and Loneliness Among our Kids”, Scarlett Lewis, founder of Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement will present a live online presentation about the rise in isolation and loneliness among our kids and the need to strive for perfection.

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement curriculum for middle-schoolers at The Depot is endowed by a three-year grant from the Darien Foundation. Thursday, April 16, 7 p.m.

Please check our website for all webinars and program information as well as mental health resources and support on how to navigate this challenging time.

And More

From the Depot website:

  • In response to the pandemic, we have found a collection of links to resources addressing ways to manage stress and mental health, and ideas for spending time at home.  We have also included  resources for local information, and how you can help
    the community as a whole.

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