Darien Teenager Accused in Civil Lawsuit of Sexual Assault on Two Teenage Girls

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A Darien teenager, now 18, was accused in 2015 of sexually assaulting two different girls, one from Darien, the other from Stamford, in a case that town police looked into but that never resulted in an arrest, according to court papers in a civil lawsuit filed in June.

The names of all three teenagers have been sealed in court records, although the accused man’s name is sealed on only a temporary basis. The man’s father and mother are also named in the lawsuit, and their names have not been sealed.


Some of the accusations detailed in this article are disturbing, but they’re being published here because we strongly believe them to be in the public interest. Darienite.com will not publish the names of the accused teenager or his parents because police aren’t charging the teenager with a crime.

A reminder: No accusations mentioned in this article have been proven in court.


At the time of the alleged events, the teenager was 17 years old, the Darien girl was 17, and the Stamford girl was 16, according to court documents.

“I vehemently deny the sexual assault allegations made by Jane Doe and Mary Roe in the complaint,” the accused teenager said in an affidavit in the court records.

His statement added, “Darien Police Department investigated the allegations made by Jane Doe, including questioning me regarding the allegations, and did not move forward with any criminal prosecution. No criminal charges were filed against me relating to the accusations made by Jane Doe or Mary Roe.”

The teenage man’s parents have been named in the lawsuit because the two teenage women are suing them along with their son. The parents are accused of, among other things, not supervising their son well enough. The two women are seeking monetary awards.

Darien Teenager’s Accusation

The Darien teenager (given the pseudonym “Jane Doe” in court documents) gave this account of what happened to her, according to the lawsuit complaint, dated June 9:

In late June 2015, when she was 16, the Darien boy invited her to a party at his house, later picking her up and driving her there. “When Jane Doe arrived there, she realized that in fact there was no party.” One other teenager, also a boy, was there, and another teenage boy arrived later.

All four of them drank alcohol past midnight, and the accused teenager made sexual advances. She told him to stop, but “despite her repeated demands to stop, and saying “NO,” he forcibly had sexual intercourse with Jane Doe in his bedroom.”

The complaint states:

“As a direct and proximate result of Defendant [name blacked out in court document]’s sexual assault of Jane Doe, Jane Doe was forced to endure disruptions to her primary education due to the presence and attendance of Defendant [name blacked out] at the same high school.

“In the following weeks, Defendant [name blacked out] made numerous public statements, including statements via electronic media, boasting of his sexual conquest over Jane Doe.”

The girl confronted him in a phone call, and they agreed to meet. When they did, in early December 2015 in a car, he “again attempted to force himself sexually on Jane Doe. Jane Doe resisted” and then the boy was interrupted by a call from his mother.

The next day, she agreed to go to his house with him. He told her that no one else but the cleaning lady was there. He again forced himself on her and forcibly raped her.

Stamford Teenager’s Accusation

The Stamford teenager (given the pseudonym “Mary Roe” in court documents) gave this account of what happened to her, according to an affidavit (dated June 5):

In January 2016, she went to a party in Stamford and saw the Darien boy there for the first time. When the party was ending, she went to the bathroom only to find the boy and another male in the room. She asked them to leave so she could use the bathroom.

While she was sitting on the toilet, with her pants down, the boy came back in the bathroom.

She told him to get out, but he ignored her protests. “He kept coming towards me, reaching in between my legs, trying to kiss me,” she said in the affidavit. “I pushed him off of me about five times and kept telling him to get out,” but he persisted in molesting her.

The girl tried to get the door open, but he told her it was locked from the outside. He dropped his pants, “beginning to force himself on me.”

She was able to use her phone to call her “guy friend” who was at the party earlier. She told her attacker that her friend was on speaker phone, was coming back to the party and would beat him up. That scared the boy, who ran out of the room.

“I am coming forward and giving my statement to my attorney because I learned that [name blacked out] has assaulted another female,” she said in the affidavit.

Darien Man’s Statement Denying the Accusations

The teenage boy stated in an affidavit dated July 6 and also in the court record that he was 17 years old at the time of the alleged events. He said he did not sexually assault either of the girls accusing him.

He said he has no criminal record. He recently graduated from Darien High School with a relatively high grade-point average and has participated in a number of extracurricular activities, including varsity football, other sports and non-sports activities. He is about to go to college.

The purpose for his affidavit, prepared with his lawyers, was to argue that his name should not appear in public court records.

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The case has been continued to Aug. 8.

“I am worried that if I am not able to proceed anonymously, disclosure [of] my birth name could result in me forever being defined by those in the community, potential employers, friends, and family, as a sexual predator, resulting in irreparable psychological and financial damage,” he said in the affidavit.

The accused Darien teenager is represented by Attorneys Nuala Droney and Kristopher Moore of Robinson & Cole LLP, a Hartford law firm. The two women are represented by Attorney Philip Russell of Greenwich. Judge Kenneth Povodator has been presiding.

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