Darien Schools Music For Youth Award Winners Announced

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The Darien Public Schools Music Department announced three dozen winners of the 2019 Music for Youth Leonard Bernstein Awards from across the school district.

“The work of these students was selected from hundreds of submissions and students were recognized with Outstanding Achievement Certificates, Music for Youth Water Bottles and cash prizes,” according to a post Friday on the Music Department News blog.

“The Music for Youth Leonard Bernstein theme is in support of the Music Department’s 2018-19 Curricular Focus theme on the Music of Leonard Bernstein.”

Music for Youth Award Winners 2019

Ox Ridge
—K to Grade 2:  1st Mila Chadda,  2nd Colton Stafford, 3rd Sophia McAnany
—Grade 3 to 5:  1st Brianna Qin,  2nd Emily Riva, 3rd Cate Hendrickson

—K to Grade 2:  1st Ivy Childs, 2nd Jackson Peraino, 3rd Hayden Hines
—Grades 3 to 5:  1st Bella Fiordalis, 2nd Tess Hageney,  3rd  Ella Hough

—K to Grade 2:   1st Sydney Chernichaw,  2nd Mason Mastellone, 3rd Auggie Dudas
—Grades 3 to 5:  1st Lauren Clark 2nd Darragh Hallinan, 3rd Lucie Smith

—K to Grade 2:  1st Josie O’Kane, 2nd Maddie Mitchell, 3rd James Barnett
—Grades 3 to 5:  1st Sebastian Pareja, 2nd Hannah Huang, 3rd Anna Keehlwetter

—K to Grade 2:   1st Nishka Sahgal,  2nd Tilly Mann,  3rd Sabrina Mohr
—Grades 3 to 5:   1st Claire Chan,  2nd Sophie McCleary,  3rd Kimball Atha

MMS Writing
—1st Place:  Lily Cowles
—2nd Place:  Remi Repsher

MMS Poster Art
—1st Place:   Charlotte Corcoran
—2nd Place:  Joyce Huang

DHS Music Composition
—1st Place:  Evelyn Sload
—2nd Place:  Alex Sutanto


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