Darien Library Is Open Online: Here’s Some of What You Can Get

Darien Library General 10-13-17

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Darien Library

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The Darien Library building isn’t the only place the library delivers services. If you’ve got a library card (and sometimes even if you don’t), you can use the library’s resources on its own website or through its subscriptions to other online services.

Here are several suggestions from the latest Darien Library newsletter:

Many of us are adjusting to working from home, with sometimes distracting new office mates! library staff, too, are working hard from home to keep patrons connected, informed, and entertained. Below are some digital goodies that delighted us this week.

Boost Your Mood With Music

Looking for a new playlist for jogging or walking? Listen and follow the playlist to some of our favorite feel-good tracks, curated by Karyn.

Read a Magazine

Use your Darien Library card to set up an account with RBdigital, where you will have access to thousands of digital magazines, including The EconomistNewsweek, OK!, Living, Vanity Fair, US Weekly, The Atlantic, and many others.

Watch a Library Video

Though our in-person celebration of Women’s History Month 2020 was cancelled, we invite you to view this archived talk about Helen Keller, an iconic woman who spent the last years of her life in Connecticut.

Manage Your Investments

Use your Darien Library card to access Value Line Investment Survey. Value Line provides exhaustive data and research into all aspects of world financial markets and is used by major firms and independent investors alike.


Coronavirus: Local Guidance

Being isolated at home during the outbreak can be especially difficult for those who need additional support. If you or someone you know is in a tough situation made worse by the health emergency, the Darien Domestic Abuse Council, Inc. recommends these resources.

Delightful Websites
  • Free access to BookPage where you can discover the best new books.
  • A collection of virtual concerts, plays, and museum exhibits to enjoy at home.
  • Online courses offered by MoMA from “Fashion as Design” to “Abstract Painting.

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