Darien High School’s Annual Club and Activities Fair on Friday Showcased 50 Clubs

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To cap off its second week of the new school year, Darien High School held its annual Club and Activities Fair.

The festive atmosphere featured over 50 clubs representing a wide array of interests including scholastics, community service, and social clubs, according to Andrea Cragin, one of the parents helping to organize the event.

Here’s what the event looked like (contributed photos):

DHS Club Fair 2019 one

The DHS Club and Activities Fair, held outside on a sunny Friday, Sept. 13.

DHS Club and Activities Fair 2019

Contributed photo

More than 50 organizations were represented at the fair.

Model Congress Darien Club Fair 2019

Contributed photo

Model Congress

Book Club Darien High School Club Fair 2019

Contributed photo

Book Club

French Club Darien High School Club Fair

Contributed photo

Math Team

Le Club Francais Darien Club Fair

Le Club Francais

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