Darien Eighth Graders See Historic Sites in Massachusetts

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Salem witch trials, famous meeting houses, and Revolutionary War battlegrounds were among the stops last week for Middlesex Middle School students.

Middlesex Middle School Grade 8 trip Massachusetts 10-17-17

Darien Grade 8 students at Plimouth Plantation

The eighth grade class traveled to Boston to visit early American historical sites that were important to the founding of our country.

The two-day trip included the 2.5-mile Freedom Trail walk that winds through the city and stops at the Old North Church; a visit to Plimouth Plantation, and exploration of Lexington and Concord and the events leading to the start of the American Revolution.

All the events and sites are part of the eighth grade social studies curriculum, said school Principal Shelley Somers.

“Not only did students have a chance to socialize and have fun, but history came alive for them, ” said Somers, who was a chaperone on the trip.

Also, on the itinerary was a visit to Salem where students saw a re-enactment of a witch trial and learned about the fear and hysteria that these trials evoked.

On the lighter side, the eighth grade group enjoyed a dinner cruise around Boston Harbor and a performance by the Blue Man Group. Throughout the trip, students were encouraged to take pictures and notes for later use in a culminating project, Somers said.


— Marc Marin is district director of instructional technology. This article is republished from the Darien Public Schools News of the Week newsletter.

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