Cuba Conference for Nonprofits To Be Held at St. Luke’s in Darien

Rev. Andreis Dorta Diaz 8-20-16

Rev. Andreis Dorta Diaz, priest of the Episcopal Church of Cuba, will address the September 17

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Is your nonprofit or faith community is considering involvement in Cuba? A conference in Darien this fall will provide networking opportunities, travel tips and information on developing successful projects with communities in Cuba.

Rev. Andreis Dorta Diaz 8-20-16

Rev. Andreis Dorta Diaz, priest of the Episcopal Church of Cuba, will address the September 17

Saint Luke’s Parish will host a regional conference on building mission relationships with churches and organizations in Cuba on Saturday, September 17, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

All are welcome attend, especially those exploring or pursuing projects with churches in Cuba. Details and online registration are here.

As U.S.-Cuba political relations begin to normalize, many U.S. churches in Connecticut, New York and New England have been working separately to develop mission partners Cuba. This conference will bring together individuals, churches and nonprofits to learn and build a network of partnerships with Cuba.

A featured speaker will be the Rev. Andreis Dorta Diaz, a young Cuban Episcopal priest. Rev. Diaz and his wife Marcela Martin Delgado will share inspiring stories about serving the local community and growing the church in Cuba despite many hurdles.

Other speakers will include Rev. Andrew McGowan, Dean of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University; Rev. Mark Pendleton, who serves on the Episcopal Church Task Force on Cuba; and Darien resident Jeremy Cage, who is working to assist the church in Cuba in creating a strategic plan for growth and development.

The conference will feature a workshop on Cuba travel for churches, nonprofits and youth groups. Participants will also learn who U.S. churches are already partnering successfully in Cuba, along with emerging opportunities for partnerships.

Saint Luke’s is organizing the conference and networking event after local parishioners visited Cuba in April, where they met with Bishop Griselda Delgado del Carpio and toured several Episcopal churches and the communities they serve. Saint Luke’s Cuba initiatives include supporting a diocesan retreat center and funding day campers this summer at the center.

The Cuba conference will take place in the Youth and Community Center of Saint Luke’s Parish, 1864 Post Rd., Darien, CT 06820. Details and online registration are here.

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