Consider This Way of Helping and Connecting With Your Community: Join P2P’s ‘Van Men’ Crew

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Person-to-Person is currently in need of a few more folks to join the Van Men crew, especially on Thursday and Friday mornings.

The majority of our drivers are retired and find that it’s a great way to maintain some routine and find camaraderie among their peers. One of the greatest rewards of volunteering is the sense of community and a feeling of working towards the common good.

P2P van Person-to-Person van

Photo from Person-to-Person on Facebook

Item donations go in this end. At the other end, the volunteer donates time driving.

— This announcement is adapted from Person-to-Person’s newsletter.

Volunteers have always been at the heart of Person-to-Person, and the Van Men group is one of the longest-standing and most active groups at the Darien-based organization.

On duty five mornings a week, the Van Men pick up food and clothing donations from our partner organizations all over lower Fairfield County.

  • “I feel like I am having a tangible impact. I can see the difference that I am making every day.”      ~ Dave, Tuesday Van Man

They regularly visit The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, St. Aloysius Parish, Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and other sites as needed.

While out in the community, and visiting our partners, the men serve as wonderful ambassadors of our mission and help foster positive relationships wherever they go.

  • “It’s a unique opportunity to give back to the community that I grew up in, and a positive, structured use of my time in retirement. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded, good-hearted people. We have a lot of fun!”     ~ Jim, Tuesday Van Man

In addition to providing extra assistance for food drives and around the holidays — to support our Toy Store and Thanksgiving programs — they have also taken younger volunteers under their wing and served as great role models.

Hundreds of volunteers have served as Van Men over the past 50 years and we have a current active crew of about a dozen.

Person-to-Person van

Photo from Person-to-Person on Facebook

A Person-to-Person van

The Van Men have formed that community and built lasting friendships. They will often meet for coffee beforehand, to fuel up for their shifts.

It is an easygoing group, full of good humor and great character. We are so appreciative of their commitment!

If you are interested in becoming a Van Man (or woman), please contact Marie Cartagena at 203-621-0708.

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