Consider a Contribution to Stamford EMS, Where Darien’s Paramedics Come From

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The Stamford EMS annual appeal is currently underway.  This local nonprofit works closely with other emergency services in the city of Stamford, but is an independent, private organization that has been serving our community for over 25 years.

Stamford EMS inside ambulance 12-09-17

Visit to make a donation for this private nonprofit that protects our community every day.

“Most people don’t realize that we’re a nonprofit,” said Patricia Squires, Stamford EMS chief and C.E.O.  “We’re a critical part of the community that is dedicated to its protection, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards so that we can deliver the best care possible.”

Indeed, Stamford EMS is ranked among the top 1 percent of emergency medical service organizations in the country earning the prestigious C.A.A.S. accreditation. It responds to more than 14,000 calls per year as it serves the city of Stamford and provides contracted paramedic response to the town of Darien.

Stamford EMS Ambulance 12-09-17

Photo from Stamford EMS

The Stamford EMS annual appeal is going on now, raising funds for ambulances, training and essential medical equipment.

“Our ability to provide exceptional care is connected to donations,” said Squires. “Ambulances cost more than $150,000. Cardiac monitors, automated external defibrillators, LUCAS devices, emergency airway equipment and other life-saving equipment are all tremendously expensive. Funds for all of these items are raised through gifts from private citizens, and we’re very grateful for them.”

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Stamford EMS, please visit or call (203) 968-1118.  Gifts of any size make a tremendous difference.

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