Conservancy Plants Trees at Spring Grove, Veterans Cemeteries

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Anyone driving past Spring Grove Cemetery on either the Post Road or Hecker Avenue has likely noticed the trees just planted at the cemetery by the Tree Conservancy of Darien.

Cemetery tree plantings Conservancy 912-2-16

Photos by Tree Conservancy of Darien

Mother Nature seemed to cooperate by providing some much-needed rain during Tree Conservancy of Darien’s planting of 25 trees at the Spring Grove Cemetery and next-door Veterans Cemetery. Tree Conservancy’s most recent project along Hecker Avenue and the Post Road in Darien was completed last week.


From an announcement recently sent out by the organization:

The Tree Conservancy of Darien is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the tree and forest resources of Darien for the benefit of the community, its health and its quality of life. Established in 2010, TCD has planted 335 trees in Darien.

Its goals are to educate the community about the value of trees and their care, replace Darien trees lost to disease, construction and storms, maintain the care of new and existing trees and build partnerships with town organizations.

For more information or to donate to Tree Conservancy of Darien, visit the Tree Conservancy at or email them at

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