Community Fund of Darien Announces New Way to Defeat New Canaan

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Game on: The Community Fund of Darien has announced a new way for Darien to take on New Canaan this holiday season, just days after the Turkey Bowl.

And they’re staying classy.

Here’s the announcement:

Darien and New Canaan are undoubtedly two of Fairfield County’s most competitive and high achieving towns. For years, this has created an exciting rivalry between the two.

This Thanksgiving season, Darien and New Canaan have taken this rivalry to the next level. This year, they’re out to determine who has “The Most Generous Town.”

You might ask yourself, how can you make a competition out of generosity? Well, leave it to the Blue Wave and the Rams to find a way! So Darien, it’s time to put your charitable feet forward and prove that you are “The Most Generous Town”!

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but have you heard of Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday was added to the post-Thanksgiving line-up of shopping days to bring the giving spirit back to the season after consumers spend thousands of dollars and hours making sure they get the best deals available.

So, on this Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28, The Community Fund of Darien will face off against The New Canaan Community Foundation to see who can raise the most money (strictly between 12:01 am to 11:59 pm that day) to support their communities.

We’re all looking forward to seeing who will win the Annual Turkey Bowl this year, but the winner of “The Most Generous Town 2017” will not only win bragging rights for the next year and ownership of a particularly adorable turkey trophy; but most importantly, they will be able to know with pride that their town makes charity a priority.

While there may only be one official winner, both The Community Fund of Darien and The New Canaan Community Foundation are confident that they’re already both winners because no matter what, the money raised by both organizations will support those in the community who need it most this holiday season.

How To Do Your Part

  • To make your contribution to The Community Fund of Darien this Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28, please go to
  • Or please check out the Facebook page to find the list of local businesses participating in Giving Tuesday on behalf of The Community Fund. (About 30 Darien businesses will be accepting donations or donating a percentage of sales from that day.)

Happy Thanksgiving and remember to give back this Giving Tuesday!


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