Coachlamp Lane House Sells for Just Over $1 Million and Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

33 Coachlamp Lane 01-28-17

33 Coachlamp Lane, Darien

29 Briar Brae Road — Laurence Galvin and Kathleen galvin to Xuejing Feng and Xuejing Zhu, sold Jan. 1, filed Jan. 20, $1,030,000

2 Deerfield Road — 17 Charles Street LLC of 25-13 Old Kings Hwy. N., Darien, George Flagg, Joan Flagg and Susan Flagg to Sarah Vrabac and Dane Vrabac, sold Jan. 17, filed Jan. 20, $2,360,000

33 Coachlamp Lane — Edwin Seeeney and Vivian Sweeney to Edward Piepmeier and Gayley Woolston, sold Jan. 19, filed Jan. 24, $1,160,000 — PICTURED