Check Out the New Darien Boys Lacrosse Hype Video [UPDATED]

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Here’s a “hype” video for the Darien Boys Lacrosse Team just posted this weekend by Jack Book, a senior on the team.

Book is also an intern with the Darien Athletic Foundation, which posted a link to the YouTube video on its Facebook page. Take a look at the 2-minute, 48-second video:

UPDATE, 8:27 p.m.: Some interesting reaction to the video. From Twitter:

  • Jennifer Montanaro tweeted: “Check this out; 100% student driven. Jack Book produced, Isabelle Montanaro behind the lense.”
  • Dave Ruden [of the Ruden Report] tweeted: Jack Book: The Scorsese of Darien sports.
  • Mike Quick of MSG Varsity tweets: “great video …. Awesome job putting it together!!!”

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