Catalytic Converters Stolen from Honda SUVs Parked Downtown During the Day on Thursday

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Two catalytic converters from Honda CRVs were reported stolen as the sport utility vehicles were parked in downtown parking lots on Thursday, Sept. 20, Darien police said.

Here’s how Darien police described each incident:

Parking Lot Outside Darien Sport Shop

At 2:06 p.m., police were told that a suspicious person was working under a parked vehicle in the lot behind Darien Sport Shop. Next to the vehicle being worked on was a white Nissan Altima with three males inside, police were told.

When police arrived, the owner of the 2006 Honda CRV and a police officer inspected the vehicle. They found the catalytic converter, valued at $1,200, had been removed.

It appeared that a power tool had been used to remove the part. Police asked people nearby whether they knew of or had seen or heard anything suspicious, but no more information was discovered that way.

Similar Incident Behind Post Office

About a block away, in the parking lot behind the U.S. Post Office at 30 Corbin Dr., a Post Office employee told police shortly after 6 p.m. the same day that he had just discovered that the catalytic converter underneath his 2008 Honda CRV had been stolen.

The man said he had parked the SUV at 7 a.m. and went to work. When he came back to the CRV and started it, the motor made a very loud noise. He looked under the vehicle and found that the converter had been taken. It’s value is estimated at $1,200.

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