Car Damaged in Apparent Burglary Attempt

Darien Police SUV on Road

Police Car

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A Herman Avenue resident told police that his black 2010 Chevrolet Malibu recently was damaged in an apparent burglary attempt.

The matter was reported to police on Tuesday, Feb. 20. The owner said he hadn’t noticed the damage until a neighbor mentioned that recently there had been numerous thefts from cars in the neighborhood.

The car had been locked and no entry was made by any thief. The police announcement didn’t say that the car was parked outside overnight, when the owner last saw the front passenger door undamaged or exactly what the damage was.

  • Unlike thefts from vehicles left outside and unlocked overnight in residential neighborhoods, attempts to enter locked cars are extremely rare. In Darien, that tends to happen in parking lots, particularly where thieves expect owners to be away from the car for a while, such as at parks or fitness clubs. In those cases, windows are usually broken to gain entry, and the parking lots aren’t busy.


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