Burglars Use Obituaries in Westchester to See When Homes May Be Empty, Greenwich Police Warn

Night Police Lights CT State Police on Facebook March 30-17 uploaded 06-20-17

Photo from Connecticut State Police on Facebook

These emergency lights from a Connecticut State Police vehicle are only some of the lights that should cause you to slow down and move into a farther lane. Do it for fire vehicles, ambulances and tow trucks, too.

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Greenwich Police are warning residents of a recent trend in Westchester in which thieves use obituaries to see when visiting hours are scheduled in order to target empty homes for burglaries.

“Criminals read the newspaper too, to get whatever intelligence they can gather,” said Lt John Slusarz. “Someone passes away, the funeral time is listed. It’s sort of an advertisement that the home will be vacant.”

— This article originally was published by Greenwich Free Press.

Slusarz said that in planning a funeral, it is wise to select someone to stay in the home.

Similarly, Slusarz said that Passover and Easter this weekend result in times people will be predictably away from home.

“If you attend church or synagogue over the holiday, especially since it’s a big holiday for both religions, you should take good care that your home is locked and you take the keys to your vehicle with you,” he said.

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