Brenner to School Community: Sorry, I Should Have Delayed School [UPDATE: Vilification on Twitter]

Darien Public Schools

In winter

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Darien Schools Superintendent Dan Brenner issued a public apology Monday to Darien parents of school children. He said he should have delayed the start of school.


Update: Nasty Backlash on Twitter

Updated at 4:12 p.m.:

Brenner’s 5:17 a.m. tweet about not delaying the school day was met with harsh complaints from parents, including some insults, and complaints often combined with swearing, insults, scorn and vilification from others, most of whom identified themselves as students.

Here’s Brenner’s tweet:

tweet on 04-02-18

From Superintendent Dan Brenner's Twitter account

Superintendent Dan Brenner’s 5:17 a.m. tweet.


Here’s a sampling of the replies to that tweet (we’ve left out the swearing):

Lisa Valentine @lisamillette71 

The heaviest snow is now thru 10a. Bad call. Kids should not be out in this nor should teachers . Hope nobody gets hurt SMH

Running with Kids @running_kids

“None of major roads plowed. Cars sliding off roads. Busses 20 minutes late. Dangerous would be understatement. Fool.”

Brenner u suck

You are an incompetent. Look outside u fool [tweeted at 7:48 a.m.]


From the original article at 2:17 p.m.:

Snow was falling early this morning, then when school buses delivered students to the town’s schools, and then for a bit after. All buses arrived safely, Brenner reported, although some had “limited delays.”

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