Art Reception Friday at Darien Library for Steve Fritsch

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Enjoy Steve Fritsch’s artwork and have an opportunity to discuss his work with him at his reception 6 to 8 p.m., Friday, May 19 at Darien Library. His artwork will be on view in the Lower Level Art Gallery from May 16 to June 26. 


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About Steve Fritsch

After studying illustration and painting for five years at Paier School of Art in New Haven, Connecticut, Steve graduated and went on to exhibit his artwork at various art shows along the East Coast.

Steve Fritsch art

Image from Darien Library website

A work by Steve Fritsch

In 1969, he married his wife Linda and accepted a position as art director with BBDO in New York City. In his free time, he painted and freelanced doing illustrations, cartooning, and finished art.

Art direction and freelance kept him pretty busy. In 1978, he left the agency and started his own studio in New York City. Twenty years later, he decided to work out of his house in Darien and moved his studio home.

Steve has created art for many years, be it illustrations in mixed media or fine art in oils and has recently started exhibiting his work at art shows in the local area.

He hopes you enjoy them.

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