Aquarion Water Utility: Please Keep Conserving Water, Reservoirs Still Low

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A drought continues across Connecticut, but water demand remains higher than average, Aquarion Water Co. says as it urges residents to conserve more.

One way of doing so is turning off sprinkler and irrigation systems — one of the suggestions in a news release from the company (republished below).

In Darien Town Hall, the water company has a free “water conservation kit” (see attached picture) that includes a small “low-flow aerator” device you can screw onto a faucet.

water conservation kit

Your water conservation kit is right in this basket on a table in the first-floor hallway of Town Hall.

“A faucet aerator is one of the most effective water saving devices you can use in your home,” according to a brochure in the conservation kit. “To use, simply unscrew the old faucet attachment and screw on the new one, tightening it by hand. Turn on the water to determine if it is tightened securely.”

The kit also includes dye tablets to put in a toilet tank to determine if it’s leaking into the bowl and a “drip gauge vial” to put under a dripping faucet in order to calculate how many gallons of water is wasted in a day. (This sounds like a project you can do with your kids or do both to help with conservation and save a little money on your water bill.)


See our previous story about Aquarion asking for water conservation.


You can find the water conservation kit on a hallway table on the first floor of Town Hall, 2 Renshaw Road. (Turn right after you go in through the main entrance. Town Hall is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.)

Here’s Aquarion’s latest announcement on water conservation, issued Tuesday, Oct. 27:

With a statewide drought continuing, higher-than-average water demand, and Connecticut’s Department of Public Health asking for voluntary water conservation, Aquarion Water Company is requesting customers to shut down sprinklers and irrigation systems for the season.

Aquarion Logo


Aquarion Logo

Aquarion’s reservoirs in the southwest region of the state are below half their capacity. And yet demand is running approximately 12.2 percent higher than for the same period last year.

“Due to the continuing drought and ongoing high water demand, Aquarion is asking customers to turn off sprinklers and irrigation systems for this season,” said Charles V. Firlotte, Aquarion President and CEO. “It is important for our customers to support these voluntary conservation measures, and to use our water resources wisely.”

This new request follows a previous customer alert and voluntary conservation request a month ago.

To save water, Aquarion recommends that customers:

  • Shut off sprinklers and irrigations systems for the season. Lawns and gardens slow down their growth in the fall and need less water. Watering less also encourages roots to grow deeper in the soil to find water
  • Repair leaks in plumbing and fixtures
  • Switch to water-efficient toilets, washing machines and dish washers
  • Allow grass to grow longer; taller grass is healthier and requires less water
  • Use brooms or blowers instead of water to clean decks, driveways and sidewalks
  • Use a bucket and sponge to wash cars and boats instead of a running hose. Shut off ornamental water displays
  • Switch to water-efficient toilets, washing machines and dish washers
  • Turn off the tap while washing hands, shaving or brushing teeth
  • Take shorter showers
  • Hand-wash dishes in a basin, not under running water Aquarion has posted numerous conservation tips on this Web page.

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