And the DHS Senior Who Won the Darien Nature Center’s Hedgehog-Naming Contest Is …

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Darien High School senior Gaby Highton has won the Darien Nature Center’s recent naming contest.

Highton’s suggestion beat out nearly 40 others that were submitted via Facebook and Instagram.

Hedgehog Named Darien Nature Center

Photo from Darien Nature Center

Bug-eyed little beast. Henry? No. Philbert? No. Tristan? Nope. Englebert? Naw. Sigfried? Nah. Fred? Unh-unh. …

Hedgehog named at Darien Nature Center Gaby Highton

Photo from Darien Nature Center

Gaby Highton and the little fella she just named. Oh, what was that name, again? Egbert? Ethelred? Porky? Lemuel? Marmalade? Avital?


— an announcement from Darien Nature Center

Darien Nature Center’s new hedgehog is a one-year-old African pygmy hedgehog that the Nature Center adopted from Tamara Sevigny, the owner of Southeastern CT Hedgehogs & Sugar Gliders in Lyme.

Sevigny is a USDA licensed breeder and member of the International Hedgehog Association.

Fun fact! A hedgehog’s quills are made of keratin, like human hair.

The interior of a single quill is an elaborate structure of hollow air chambers, making them strong and lightweight.

Sevigny can be reached by email at

And the new hedgehog’s name — sorry, almost forgot! — is Percy.


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