9:45 PM, Car Parked Outside, Unlocked, With Keys — 5:21 AM, Seen in Police Pursuit — 6:15 AM, Damaged in Accident

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Darien police contacted the owner of a Jeep Liberty to tell her that not only was her vehicle stolen, but it had been spotted by Greenwich police as they pursued another vehicle stolen from Hamden at about 5:21 a.m. that morning.

That wasn’t the worst of it, however: By 6:15 a.m., Norwalk police informed police in Darien that the Jeep was involved in a motor vehicle accident in that city, and it had to be towed.

Here’s what police said happened that day, Friday, Aug. 16.:

At 5:21 a.m., a police officer working in communications overheard an inter-agency radio (known as a “hotline”) broadcast indicating that Greenwich police were pursuing the Hamden vehicle.

The broadcast said police had seen a silver Jeep Liberty in the area and noted the license plate. A check showed that it belonged to a resident of 29 Casement St. in Darien.

When police went to the home, they found the owner wasn’t aware the vehicle had been taken. She said she had parked it in the driveway, unlocked and with the keys in it, at 9:45 the night before.

Police Darien Police Lock Your Car Every Time

On the back of Darien Police patrol cars: \”Lock your car. every time. Everywhere.\”

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