Victim Spots Her Stolen Car, Police Get It Back

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A woman whose gray 2005 Audi had been stolen from her called police at 12:33 a.m. one night last week to tell them that she’d just seen it on Allen O’Neill Drive.

Police were able to get it back.

Darien police gave this description of what happened:

On Tuesday, not long after midnight, the woman called police to tell them she’d just seen the car, which had two people in it.

Police went to the car and detained the two people, asking them about how they came to be in the car.

Officers determined that the driver had bought the Audi with cash on Aug. 18 from a male in Stamford after responding to a Craigslist ad. Police were given evidence of the transaction.

The two were taken to Police Headquarters, where a police detective interviewed them further. Police are continuing to look into the case.

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