Victim Calls Police After Seeing SUV Stolen, Cops Break Off Pursuit on Post Road

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When police recently answered a call at 5:01 a.m., the owner of a 2012 Ford Explorer told them the vehicle had just been stolen.

Police spotted the SUV on the Post Road and tried to get it to pull over, but the driver stepped on the gas and officers decided not to pursue it.

Darien police gave these further details of what happened:

The call came in early in the morning on Tuesday, April 21 from a home at 31 Beach Dr., a street off the Post Road in Noroton.

The victim later told police that he or she (police didn’t provide any information other than the address) first heard something suspicious, then looked out a window to see the Explorer pulling out of the driveway.

Police later spotted the SUV headed east on the Post Road, not far from Beach Drive. When the vehicle picked up speed, police decided not to pursue it for safety considerations.

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