Vehicles Entered in Noroton Heights Overnight Monday to Tuesday, Jan 20 to 21

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A wallet with $200 and bank cards in it was stolen from a pickup truck parked outside a home on Scout Trail sometime overnight Monday to Tuesday, Jan. 20 to 21.

The theft was one of four cases in which cars were entered in the same overnight period, police said.

All of the vehicles were within 1.3 miles of each other. In two cases, including the one on Scout Trail, the owners told police the vehicle had been locked. In the other two, the owners said it had been unlocked.

There were no signs of forced entry on any of the four vehicles. Here’s more information on each:

—7 Scout Trail — The only set of keys to the 2011 Ford F150 pickup were inside the house with the owner, police were told.

—18 Elm St. — a 2015 Land Rover was unlocked and outside. Although it had been entered overnight, nothing seemed to be missing.

—3A Allen O’ Neill Dr. — A 2007 Subaru TR was unlocked while it was parked overnight. Although it had been entered, nothing seemed to be missing.

—274 West Ave. — a 2002 Toyota Sienna was entered, but nothing appeared to be missing. The owner said the vehicle had been locked and both sets of keys were in the house overnight. There were no signs of forced entry.

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