Town to Pave Stretch of Hollow Tree Ridge Road from Allwood to Crooked Mile Roads

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Starting this Monday, the town Public Works Department will be paving Hollow Tree Ridge Road from the intersections of Allwood Road to Crooked Mile Road at the northern end of town.

The project, which covers about six tenths of a mile of roadway, is expected to be completed by Friday, Sept. 25, according to an announcement Thursday from the DPW.

Here’s more from the announcement (see video at bottom for an explanation of what asphalt milling is):

Preparatory work on drainage catch basins, and milling of road surface, will precede paving. […]

Once milled, road surface will be rough until paved and will have raised structures exposed.  Please avoid this portion of Hollow Tree Ridge Road if possible during these dates or use extra caution if you must travel on these roads.

Paving map Sept 2020

Image from Darien DPW

The part of Hollow Tree Ridge Road to be paved next week.

The above schedule is based on favorable weather conditions.  Emergency access will be available at all times.  Town of Darien police officers will be present to direct traffic and assist area residents during construction.

Driveway access will be limited during paving operations, however, no single driveway should be closed for more than an hour.  On street parking will be suspended during paving operations.

Minor traffic delays are likely during construction.  Please plan your travels accordingly.  Please call the Department of Public Works at 656-7346 for further information.


This Youtube video explains what asphalt milling is (it talks about parking lots, but the description applies to roadways):

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