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Eversource Has These Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Scammers

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The New Year is in full swing and so are scams targeting utility customers across the country and right here in Connecticut. Already this year, customers in many towns around the state have been approached by scammers, either on the phone or at their door. — an announcement from Eversource

To warn customers, Eversource andBetter Business Bureau Serving Connecticut are teaming up to ensure that people know the telltale signs of scams, so they can avoid becoming a victim. “The scammers, often sounding legitimate and quite convincing, threaten to shut off electric service immediately unless instant payment is made,” said Eversource Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Penni Conner. “These scammers can be relentless but they’re only successful if they catch our customers off-guard and scare them into making a payment,” she said.  “We remind customers, if something doesn’t sound right or feel right, trust your gut, and don’t pay.”

With the increase in scams across the country, BBB offers ScamTracker which is a national tracking system that provides up-to-date information on the latest scams.

The tool allows consumers to submit scam reports and see what scams are happening right in their backyard.

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Eversource Urges Customers to Report Scammers & Deceptive Marketers

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Eversource business and residential customers continue to pick up their phones and open their doors to find individuals on the other side claiming to be “representatives” or “partners” of Eversource. Whether these scammers are using aggressive marketing tactics to sell “discounted power” or threatening to turn off electricity unless an immediate payment is made, the company is warning customers to be cautious. These individuals are not affiliated with Eversource in any capacity and are most likely either scammers or third-party suppliers choosing to use deceptive marketing tactics. Eversource customer Theodore Owens reports seeing individuals targeting utility customers in his New Britain neighborhood. “Two men came to my door, stated they were representing Eversource and told me they could save me money on my bill,” he said.