‘The Big Lebowski’ Annual Summer Screening With Costume Contest, Dude

Dude — the Avon Theatre’s annual showing of “The Big Lebowski” comes with a costume contest with prizes — patrons are invited to wear their best Lebowski-themed attire! The plot of this Raymond Chandler-esque comedy crime caper from the Coen Brothers pivots around a case of mistaken identity complicated by extortion, double-crosses, deception, embezzlement, sex, pot, and White Russians. — an announcement from Avon Theatre

In 1991, unemployed ’60s refugee Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) grooves into his laid-back Los Angeles lifestyle. One of the laziest men in L.A., he enjoys hanging with his bowling buddies, pompous security-store owner Walter Sobchak (John Goodman) and mild-mannered ex-surfer Donny (Steve Buscemi). However, the Dude’s life takes an alternate route the afternoon two goons break into his threadbare Venice, California, bungalow, rough him up and urinate on his living room rug.