Board of Ed Sets up Special Meeting to Hear Report on DHS Cheating Incident

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At 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 4, the Board of Education will hold a 30-minute special meeting to hear a report from Superintendent Alan Addley about recent exam cheating by some Darien High School sophomores. The report may or may not fill the gaps in what the public has been told about the incident. The Special Meeting
The meeting takes place at school district headquarters, 35 Leroy Ave., in the same Board of Education meeting room where regular meetings are held. It will last for half an hour, since a another special meeting of the board, for 7 p.m., has also been posted on the district website.

Darien High School entrance

DHS Admins: Cheating With ‘Widely Shared’ Exam Answers in Two Classes Means Retest for Some 10th Graders

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Cheating resulting from test answers being “widely shared” for two exams at Darien High School has led school officials to reschedule parts of the tests for all students who took them. Principal Ellen Dunn and the English and Social Studies Department chairs announced the move in a message on Friday to parents of 10th grade students. The message, sent early Friday evening by Dunn and English Department Chair Francis Janosco as well as Social Studies Department Chair Keith Keeler, said the cheating involved exams for both the 200 World Studies and English 10 courses. “It has come to our attention that exam security was breached and that the answers to the multiple choice sections of both exams were widely shared within the sophomore class,” the message said. The message did not say how students got hold of the answers or how that breach of security will be prevented from happening again.