How Marshall and Stimson Collaborated to Help Win World War II

Rowayton native Ted Aldrich will give a presentation on his book The Partnership, a dual biography of General George C. Marshall (as army chief of staff) and Henry L. Stimson, as secretary of war) focusing on World War II and the five years just before it, when these men together ran the U.S. Army and Air Force. — an announcement from Rowayton Library
In his Sept. 29 presentation, Aldrich will discuss why he believes their joint effort in creating, preparing, equipping, and then running the Army and Air Force represented the single greatest feat of management in the history of the world. Incorporating nearly 100 photos into his presentation and weaving in all the major characters of the Second World War (e.g., Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Eisenhower, MacArthur) as well as lessor known figures (Dill, McCloy, Lovett, Brooke, and Patterson). Aldrich will also describe the remarkably contrasting paths to power that each man took prior to being paired by Franklin Roosevelt in July 1940.