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UPDATE: Aquarion Working on ‘Earthy’ Taste, Smell in Darien Water

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Update 4:58 p.m.:

The water utility serving Darien, Stamford and much of the surrounding area will be testing water samples on Wednesday to try to gauge whether the “musty” taste and odor in some of the water is increasing or decreasing, a spokesman said. Customers in the southern portion of Darien as well as in parts of Stamford experienced the “musty” taste and odor of tap water in the past two weeks, from the North Stamford Reservoir that provides water to those two areas, said Peter Fazekas, a spokesman for Aquarion Water Co. (The northern part of Darien gets its water from a different source in Bridgeport, he said. Areas of Greenwich that experienced a similar problem get their water from the Mianus Reservoir, and the situation has vastly improved there, “to the point where it’s almost not an issue,” Fazekas said.)

Update, 3:34 p.m.:

The “unpleasant taste and odor” in some Darien and Stamford tap water is caused by a problem in a Stamford reservoir, said Peter Fazekas, a spokesman for Aquarion Water Co. The water utility, which has an announcement on its website about the problem, says customers experiencing an “earthy” or “musty” taste and smell in the water shouldn’t be alarmed for health reasons — the water is perfectly safe — and treatment of the water in the reservoir has started.