RTM Public Hearing

Public Hearing 8 PM Wednesday, March 27 on Draft of Darien Bag Ordinance, Now With Specifics

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The public is invited to speak about the specific draft proposal for a Darien bag ordinance restricting use of plastic bags at a Representative Town Meeting pubic hearing at 8 p.m., Thursday in the Town Hall Auditorium. “If you wish to speak how this will affect your business, it is important you attend and speak,” the Darien Chamber of Commerce recently told its members in an email. “This is the last opportunity to do so.” Although this will be the last chance to speak to RTM members at a public hearing on the proposed ordinance, you can still email comments about it to the RTM at  DarienRTM@DarienCT.gov through April 3. New Details

The draft of the ordinance now up for public debate has many details that hadn’t been decided on when the last public hearing was held.