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Police: Shoplifter Turns Violent, Causing Minor Injury to Store Employee, Gets Arrested

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When a Walgreens employee followed two shoplifters out of the store on Wednesday, Feb. 6 and confronted a man holding a bag of loot, the other man struck him from behind, and the two fled, according to Darien police. According to the police account, that blow seems to have turned shoplifters into robbers — when police found one of the two, they charged him with second-degree robbery, a felony. Here’s what police said happened, in an account that includes accusations not proven in court:

Keston Charles, 21, of Brooklyn, New York and another male were seen walking out of the store with a garbage bag full of items. The bag was later recovered, and a Walgreens manager told police it contained items priced at a total of $1,658.78. In the parking lot of the Heights Road store, the employee confronted the males, but while he was speaking with one of them, the other — later identified as Charles — struck him from behind, causing him to fall to the ground.