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Letter: Towns Always Had the Legal Burden of Disposing of Unclaimed Corpses

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To the editor:

The Darien First Selectman [Jayme Stevenson, a Republican] sent a letter to our legislative delegation expressing her concern regarding “a new financial burden” being placed on towns and municipalities with respect to, “the state shifting the burden for the disposal of unclaimed bodies from the state to cities and towns.”

In her letter, the first selectman calls this action a “new municipal mandate which shifts the burden for the logistics and disposition of unclaimed decedents to municipalities.”

It’s important to set the record straight. This responsibility is not new — it is and has been the responsibility of the local municipalities. The state, however, has historically been performing these duties for cities and towns for years. As Connecticut Mirror reporter Keith Phaneuf states in his May 26 column, “though state law makes cities and towns responsible for final disposition of unclaimed decedents in their jurisdiction, this has not been enforced for years but rather handled by the state.”

Perhaps in good financial times this was something the state could afford to do. Today with bipartisan calls to address the deficit by reigning in spending, this is one service that unfortunately cannot be performed by the state any longer.

Randy Klein 3-28-16

Randy Klein Gets Democratic Nomination to Challenge State Rep. Terrie Wood

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Randy Klein of Darien accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination Tuesday to represent Connecticut’s 141st Assembly District, comprised of Darien, and the Rowayton neighborhood of Norwalk. “As a small business owner for almost forty years, I know it’s not enough to just talk about problems, you actually have to do something to solve them. As your state representative, I pledge to be a voice for progress for our district, and prioritize those issues which will make Connecticut an attractive place to start a family and grow a business,” Klein said Tuesday. Klein emphasized the importance of building a strong infrastructure that would allow economic growth on both the local, and statewide level in his acceptance speech on Tuesday. “Substantial investments are being made to repair our existing roads and rail, but we need to start identifying ways in which we can build a transportation infrastructure that major corporations and small businesses alike look for when they are deciding where to open their doors,” Klein said.