Maker Faire Ox Ridge 4-4-16

Ox Ridge ‘Maker Faire’ Gives Kids Experiences in Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math

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Blending play, imagination, and creativity, staff and students at Ox Ridge Elementary School launched the school’s first Maker Faire this month. During the week-long event, the school’s 461 students rotated through a variety of stations in the school’s library that allowed them to experiment and explore. Exhibits included opportunities to make instruments, create short movies, build an electric fishing rod, drive programmable cars, use a Makey Makey programmable circuit board, and direct the school’s Sphero robots. Students from Darien High School’s Independent Projects in Engineering course ran a few of the exhibits. There were even stations to construct paper airplanes, and build with Legos and cardboard.

Ox Ridge School Bus Routes: 2015-2016 School Year

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Update 5:32 p.m., Monday: 

The school district has made some changes to the bus route schedules by adding back some stops that had been removed in a new scheduling system. Superintendent of Schools Dan Brenner says the changes are “very limited.” The school district website will have updated information, he said, although as of this point the information on changes to bus route schedules is difficult to find on the website. (We just looked, and we couldn’t find it.) The information should be easier to find starting Tuesday, Brenner said. Original article:

Here’s the 2015-2016 Ox Ridge School bus route schedule from the school district:

2015-2016 Route times are estimated and will vary particularly in the beginning of the school year, during inclement weather and traffic congestion on I-95.