CFD Year 3 Thriving Our Darien

Where the Community Fund of Darien’s ‘Our Darien’ Campaign Is Going in Year 3

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In the third year of the Community Fund of Darien’s “Our Darien” campaign against underage drinking and binge drinking in town, the organization has released this op-ed article, particularly for parents, describing the problem in town. The CFD is presenting more research from experts on alcohol use and focusing on Darien’s own problems with alcohol identified in its latest surveys of teens and parents, including lax parental views of teen partying with alcohol and how the behavior of parents strongly affects the behavior of teenagers. The organization notes (as it has before) that Darien has significantly higher rates of teen drinking than the nation as a whole. It also notes the dangers of that for the long-term: Those who start drinking earlier are far more likely to have alcohol abuse problems later in life. This passage summarizes the whole:

Entering its third year, the “Our Darien” campaign is aimed at providing teens and parents with the facts about underage drinking. website image 02-09-17

Letter from Selectman Susan Marks: Darien Parents & Grandparents, Check Out the Website

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To the editor:

Have you heard about the new campaign in Darien? It has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with something much more important, our Youth in town! Darien is no different than many other towns and cities with the problem of underage and binge drinking. Here is one of the biggest differences that set us apart. We are tackling the problem head on and need your help!