Lecture on Cahokia, a Pre-Columbian Native American City

Dr. Sarah E. Baires, assistant professor of anthropology at Eastern Connecticut State University, will deliver a lecture on March 9 at Norwalk Community College about Cahokia, a Medieval native American city that thrived in what is now the lowland floodplains of the Mississippi River, near St. Louis. The lecture is sponsored by NCC’s Anthropology Club and will be held in GenRe Forum from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Seventy earthen mounds lie within a protected area of the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, the remains of Cahokia, once considered one of the great urban centers in the world. At its heyday in AD 1050, Cahokia was the largest North American city north of Mexico, larger than London at the time. The religious, social and political center had an estimated population of 30,000 people, with public buildings, temples and plazas across the city.

Students, 50 and Over, Find Forgotten Family History in NCC Genealogy Class

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By Carol Wilder-Tamme

Twenty “Genealogy & Computers” students took part in Moving Up ceremonies on Monday, May 2, in recognition of the eight weeks of study they undertook starting in March at the non-profit Lifetime Learners Institute at Norwalk Community College. The students received certificates from the chair of the Curriculum Committee of the Lifetime Learners Institute, Richard Di Vecchio, and the facilitator for the “Genealogy & Computers” classes, Janeen Bjork. The popularity and the diversity of students in the pilot “Genealogy & Computers” course in fall 2015 convinced the LLI curriculum committee that it was time to offer both Beginner and Intermediate level classes. Beginner students were introduced to the fundamentals of Genealogy through classroom instruction and homework while also improving their computer knowledge and ability. The Intermediate students requested and received six weeks of training in advanced newspaper research techniques.