Jim Cameron Jim Cameron 8-2-16

Gov Lamont’s Transportation Plan Hits CT’s Same Old Roadblocks to Reform: Cameron on Transportation

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As we review the details of Gov. Ned Lamont’s CT 2030 transportation plan, I have a strange sense of déjà vu. Haven’t we been through all this before? Journey back with me to 1999 when the famous Gallis Report warned that southwestern Connecticut’s transportation woes were strangling the entire state. If something wasn’t done, they warned, we would become “an economic cul de sac” in the burgeoning northeast. The solution?

Darien Public Schools

Report: Governor Won’t Support Forced School Regionalization; Darien Board of Ed Opposes It

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A proposal from state Senate President Martin Looney to force regionalization on the vast majority of school districts across the state is opposed by the Darien Board of Education and reportedly doesn’t have the support of Gov. Ned Lamont, either. Both the governor (according to a report Tuesday) and the Darien Board of Education are also opposed to a less sweeping proposal, Senate Bill 457, sponsored by state Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, a Democrat who represents Norwalk and part of Darien, that would force school districts with less than 2,000 students to consolidate with one or more districts. The consolidated districts would have to have at least  2,000 students. Looney’s bill (S.B. 454) would force consolidation on any school district with less than 40,000 students (that is, all but 24 school districts in the state, according to a report on the CT News Junkie website). Looney proposes the creation of a commission to create a consolidation plan.